In The Spirit of Simplicity – A Natural Look

Hey dolls

So its back to school season. 2nd year, 1st semester. And I must say I’m really excited about it. Making new friends, seeing old ones. Frat parties. College drama. Assignments. Long days. Late nights. Okay, maybe I’m not so excited anymore.

What I am excited about though, is tuning into my college make up creations. I won’t lie, this past December was a hectic one. A really glamorous one. I had my face all bronzed up on the 16th, opted for a bold and bright lip on the 25th and topped it up with a smokey eye on New Years Eve. So I guess its safe to say, I’m ready for a more natural look this season. A clean, nudey look.


• Start by creating a flawless base with moisturizing cream. My favourite: Johnson’s Face Care Oil Control Facial Cream. It controls and contains shine and keeps my skin looking and feeling healthy.

• Then apply a lightweight foundation. My favourite: Signature Liquid Make Up Perfect Finish Foundation. I looove it. I definitely never end up with any creases or cracks when I use this baby

• Brighten up your complexion with a glowing blush. My favourite: Clinique Limited Edition 3 in 1 Palette. It has 10 eyeshadows, 2 beautiful glittery glow blushes and 10 lipstick palettes. WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR?

• Opt for an illuminating eyeshadow and lengthen your lashes with a mascara that doesn’t clump up your lashes.

• Lastly revive your lips with a lip cream. My favorite will FOREVER be Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Oh! And finish it off with a neutral matte nude lipstick.

A natural look is definitely a slayage on its own.




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