March wardrobe Must-Haves

Hey dolls.

I’m such a distressed damsel in the morning when it’s time to pick out an outfit. And even if I plan it out the night before, I’m such a mess and indecisive monster in the morning. Lol. I drag all the clothes out of my wardrobe and just pick them up one by one in a frenzy just trying to find the write look. Don’t you judge me.

What’s helped me out though are statement/staple pieces I have in the wardrobe and so I center the rest of the outfit around it.

These are some of the staple pieces that are essential ladies…

Leather Jacket


Whether it’s biker chic or half jacket, a leather is so cute and timeless. It can transition from day to night in a sec, and it adds so much flare to your personality. Leather jackets though are not friendly in summer. You will sweat like a pig and NOBODY wants that.

Distressed Denim Jeans


This is a norm. This is important. This is no secret. This is fashion 101. Denim jeans have been a staple piece since the 50s. But there’s something about a distressed or ‘washed’ COMFORTABLE denim jean. It makes you seen cooler, edgier. It’s a game changer. A conversation starter. Come on now, who doesn’t want that?

Vintage Wash Denim Jacket

This is a piece that can and will go down in history. Literally. A denim jacket is good for all ages and sizes. It’s another classic item that needs no explanation.

Flat Bold Colour Clutch


A pop of colour is one thing I’m always trying to have in an outfit as an accessory, be it a choker, heels or a blouse, BUT nothing beats a bold coloured clutch. It can bright up any look, in any season.

Strappy Sandal/Heel

Nothing too high, because we’re not all on a heel craze. So it’s super cute, comfortable and a day-to-Night wear. Love.

Silk Blouse


Picture this: a silk crisp white blouse, distressed denim jeans and a strappy sandal. Done. You’re ready for work. You’re ready for a meeting. You’re ready for lunch with the girls.

Wool Coat


I own about 5 wool coats and 1 fur coat. It’s not much but they are my prized babies. There’s a certain something about a coat/blazer that polishes up a look. Don’t you think??

Happy shopping y’all.




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