Favourite Instagram Looks This Week

I’m absolutely obsessed with out of the box piecing when it comes to every day looks. There’s a new invention in fashion every day and this week I’ve wrapped up my favourite looks this week, thus far and giving you tips on how to piece it together for yourself at home, I know I sure will … Continue reading Favourite Instagram Looks This Week


Fishnet Stockings

Hey dolls. It's autumn, and my pantyhose and fishnet stockings have come out to play. The Peep Fishnet Stockings trend is everywhere right now & I'm so obsessed with it. Instead of hiding pantyhose & fishnets underneath all that pile of clothing, show it off! It oddly ties everything together. This is just a mini … Continue reading Fishnet Stockings

Black History Month : Influential, Stylish Black Women in Media

Hey dolls (: Black history month has me appreciating black men all over the world and my goodness are we blessed with! Seasoned and spicied in so much SEXY, SENSUAL, SOPHISTICATED and SPIRITUAL melanin. I mean HELLO?! Its evident in every movie we watch and every music video we view, and a big thank you … Continue reading Black History Month : Influential, Stylish Black Women in Media