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Fishnet Stockings

Hey dolls.

It’s autumn, and my pantyhose and fishnet stockings have come out to play.



The Peep Fishnet Stockings trend is everywhere right now & I’m so obsessed with it.

Instead of hiding pantyhose & fishnets underneath all that pile of clothing, show it off! It oddly ties everything together.


This is just a mini post to boast about my new found love 😍


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Favorites This Week: Color & Print

Growing up, I loved  change colour for items. I would wear red and blue together with a touch of pink and a hint of green. Yes, it looked awful. LOL. But I loved doing it. Then as I grew older, I detached from colour and fell into the black/white with grey ‘trend’. That was amazing but it wasn’t me, you know. So eventually I fell back into colour, with a little more taste this time of course. There is a saying “dress for your personality” and I’m pretty vibrant and “Out there” so I guess that’s why attached colour back into my wardrobe.

Print, on the other hand, is more like something I was born into. Being African, I learnt from a very young age to embrace my culture and the difference in it. So it’s safe to say I am absolutely in love with African printed clothing, mix it up with a bit of western and boom! You’ve got yourself a winner.

So I had A photo shoot with an absolutely amazing friend and photographer ( check out his page on Instagram @i_am_5ifty) and got an opportunity to sure of the little bit of my style, my favourites this week. I’m in love with this pictures! AND I cut my here you guys! *screams*

I love this look. It has all the right ‘pops’. Just enough for a double stare amd not over the top. And I didn’t even have to put on a bra!


Here it is again without the hat though. Clean. To the point.


An African printed boob-tube tee paired with a belt to create Thato curve between my upper and lower body, and my grandma shoes (I think I’m in love with these shoes).



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March wardrobe Must-Haves

Hey dolls.

I’m such a distressed damsel in the morning when it’s time to pick out an outfit. And even if I plan it out the night before, I’m such a mess and indecisive monster in the morning. Lol. I drag all the clothes out of my wardrobe and just pick them up one by one in a frenzy just trying to find the write look. Don’t you judge me.

What’s helped me out though are statement/staple pieces I have in the wardrobe and so I center the rest of the outfit around it.

These are some of the staple pieces that are essential ladies…

Leather Jacket


Whether it’s biker chic or half jacket, a leather is so cute and timeless. It can transition from day to night in a sec, and it adds so much flare to your personality. Leather jackets though are not friendly in summer. You will sweat like a pig and NOBODY wants that.

Distressed Denim Jeans


This is a norm. This is important. This is no secret. This is fashion 101. Denim jeans have been a staple piece since the 50s. But there’s something about a distressed or ‘washed’ COMFORTABLE denim jean. It makes you seen cooler, edgier. It’s a game changer. A conversation starter. Come on now, who doesn’t want that?

Vintage Wash Denim Jacket

This is a piece that can and will go down in history. Literally. A denim jacket is good for all ages and sizes. It’s another classic item that needs no explanation.

Flat Bold Colour Clutch


A pop of colour is one thing I’m always trying to have in an outfit as an accessory, be it a choker, heels or a blouse, BUT nothing beats a bold coloured clutch. It can bright up any look, in any season.

Strappy Sandal/Heel

Nothing too high, because we’re not all on a heel craze. So it’s super cute, comfortable and a day-to-Night wear. Love.

Silk Blouse


Picture this: a silk crisp white blouse, distressed denim jeans and a strappy sandal. Done. You’re ready for work. You’re ready for a meeting. You’re ready for lunch with the girls.

Wool Coat


I own about 5 wool coats and 1 fur coat. It’s not much but they are my prized babies. There’s a certain something about a coat/blazer that polishes up a look. Don’t you think??

Happy shopping y’all.



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Spring Must-Haves: Favourites

Hey dolls. 💋

SPRING IS HERE! & the heat is doing the absolute most, I can’t even. I must say though, I have more winter clothes than Spring/Summer combined. Annoying to be quite. So I’ve decided I NEED to grab a few Spring items, because beach & pool parties are my happy place.

Here are my Spring must-haves, from shoes to skirts to dresses. Some items I cannot live without this Spring.



I know it’s a little old school but dammit, they’re so comfortable. They’re free & flow well. You can dress them up or down, for a relaxed lunch with the girls by throwing in a crop top, a vest or a plain Springy tee with Perspex heels/sandals or sneakers. OR for a formal dinner with the in-laws or a business meeting, pairing it with a really cute flowy, chiffon blouse/shirt with a really cute heel (pump/peep-toe/gladiator) will be AMAZEBALLS.

This one is a norm. It’s a classic. You can never go wrong with a summer dress AS LONG AS you let it be the statement piece in your outfit, not too many accessories (especially if it’s print) & a fresh new hair do ! It can be floral, white, beige, yellow etc. Avoid dark colours, they’re not totally impossible but they won’t give off a very springy/sunshine feeling.


I personally think I have too many of these, but who says I’m complaining?! I love them. They go well with shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts etc. They’re perfect. Like PLEATED SKIRTS, you can dress them up or down depending on the destination/location you’re going to. THIS ONE I strongly advice.

The IT girl of all shoes right now. Firstly they’re comfortable. Secondly they’re super chic & quirky. There’s no way you could fault them. They come as an over-the-knee boot, an ankle boot & just a normal heel. So versatile.


I wont explain cause you can see for yourself how amazing they are! I’m absolutely in love with them!!
Soooo dolls, GET TO SHOPPING 💃🏻💃🏻🔥🔥

I love you hunnies. ❤️

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One Word: Yoncé

Hey dolls. Hope you’re growing & glowing.

So, confession; I stalk Beyoncé Knowles ALL THE TIME, and I’m not ashamed. Not at all. I mean, she’s AMAZING!

So best believe when again saw her sheer, Victorian-inspired white gown made by designer Inbal Dror, I fell off my chair in tears. And to think it’s actually a wedding dress but it looks perfect. Perfect for the Grammy’s. My favorite Yoncé gown to date.

Enter a caption

She looks like she just stepped out of heaven. So clean, so graceful. She looked breath taking. I have no words to describe the beauty that is Mrs Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter.



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05 August: My Favorite This Week

Hey dolls. Hope you’re well and glowing.

I JUST bumped into a beautiful outfit. It’s a little out of the ordinary for me, but I would definitely, without a doubt, rock it for lunch with the girls or even a date.



It’s a little not-a-date look but you know I’m a little wild with my closet and if you’re wild too, YAY! You’re going to absolutely love it.

Found it on A Fashion Friend (AFF) (Instagram: @afashionfriendrsa) a South African web magazine and I have OFFICIALLY fallen in love. Check them out! You’re phenomenal.



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Fashion Looks For August!

For some odd and weird reason, I absolutely love August. It’s the month right before September (Spring Season in South Africa) and EVERYONE knows I love me some spring because colours, fresh feels and blissful vibrations in the air. For me, personally, Spring is the love season.

Anyway, back to fashion and all things nice, here are my top 9 must have looks for August. Enjoy.

1. Inspired by @Nguyen1qimage

2. Inspired by Sincerely Jules image

3. Inspired by The Chriselle Factorimage

4. Inspired by The Girl From Panama image

5. Inspired by The Fashion Guitar image

6. Madeleine Billman image

7. She’s anonymous but I absolutely adore her style. Simplistic.image

8. Inspired by @_hairgod image

9. Inspired by Viva Luxury image

Till next post (: