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Hair and Men

Two of my favourite things. Well, not all the time. Let’s start with the simpler, less complicated one, hair. When it comes to the ‘Fro, especially the styling, it’s a bit tricky. There are a lot of resourceful sites but as black women, our hair isn’t the same, similar but not entirely the same. You get the curlier afros, the kinky afro, the straighter afros, the afros with a lot of volume but not so much hair and the afros with a lot of volume and a lot of hair too. It’s a variety. So sometimes styling differs because of texture. Now for me, I had the kinkier afro. And I say “had” because I grew tired of the lifestyle after a year or two and went back to my comfort zone, relaxed hair. Anyway, after cut my hair I absolutely fell in love with it. And so did everyone around me. And in my circle, when any female cuts her hair it’s a big deal. The saying “when a woman cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life” means everything to us. So the excitement was awe-inspiring. The snip happened and I was ready for my change and the change came alright. The change being hair fetishism.


The beauty about men is their ability to not know what they want but know exactly what they don’t want. Complicated. When it comes to natural hair there are 3 categories for males species, you’ll find the ones who hate natural hair and find it “distracting” or “icky”, the ones willing to consider it but you can spot the uncertainty in their face a mile away and the ones who outright love it and think the world of women with “the natural look’.  And the minute I went under the knife they scattered into the different categories like bees. Weirdly enough, the majority of the men who found me “interesting” were white men. Oh, and they made it known. The fascination was relatively new to me, that someone would simply and only find me attractive because of my hair and how “natural” it is. In a way it took me back to the movie “Something New” where the white guy (played by Simon Baker) is a attracted the black girl (played by Sanaa Lathan) and only because she’s JUST gone natural. We notice this because prior to her hair cut and growing it naturally, he wasn’t so drawn to her. Now, don’t get me wrong this new interest had me at the edge of my seat, I wanted to see what else I could do with this new change, or who else. More than anything, I wanted to know ‘why?’.


image by: @hlengiwe_lesedi)

Until I stumbled upon one of Amandla Stenberg’s posts on Instagram saying, “black features are beautiful, not black women” and I realised how a black woman is fetishized because of her features. The full lips, curves, dark skin and hair are all found super attractive but not on a black woman. Meaning some men simply want to date a black girl for the “experience”. But that’s not always the case, author and relationship expert Lisa Michelle from Naturally Curvy says “it takes a certain amount of confidence to rock the natural look, and your inner beauty can be exuded through your hair, it may be undeniable to the opposite sex.” So for those white men drawn to black women, our character immediately comes across as genuine and not so superficial because our hair is natural. The ability to be just yourself, stripped away of the artificial enhancements like weaves and braids, oozes through our hair.


So if you also plan on going under the knife and experience a new found interest, be weary of who you let into your natural and organic new circle.


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Going Natural and the Qualms that Come with It

The “chop chop” “snip snip” moment is a big one for many black women especially if you’re transitioning from relaxed hair to growing a natural afro. Firstly, it’s a big responsibility to take on because let’s be honest, growing a natural afro is a hassle, time consuming and sometimes a bit costly. Secondly, you need to let your creative side come to play because hiring a stylist to make your ‘fro hairdos look golden isn’t an option we all have. But let’s get back to the “snip snip”.

Let me take you back to when I decided to go under the knife with my silky, straight and a little over-the-shoulder length hair. I cried. Well just a little. Okay, you want a more tea than that, it was the end of my first year in college and I must say, I needed a change of scenery or a change in something. Something had to give. Because the bob was in the time, I decided to pull off a Rihanna inspired bob cut and if I may say so myself, in Miss Wendy Williams’ voice “it was a slay-ation”. Eventually though, I grew tired of it and stopped delaying the inevitable and chopped off everything! And so, I cried. My main reason though was because I wanted to go natural. Have an afro. Be that proud black girl with a rich, bouncy afro that defies gravity. Don’t take it for granted though, it’s not easy having and being that black girl with a rich, bouncy afro that defies gravity.   


The battle begun by being black. Me vs society. My blackness would now shine through brighter than ever and be in your face. And that’s a bit tricky in our modern society. The irony of the term “modern society” when what’s meant to be modern isn’t seen as normal, or whats meant to be normal isn’t seen as modern. As a black women, we are targeted. For our hair, our body, skin colour etc. Our beauty undergoes so much scrutiny. And when it comes to our hair, it’s always about its texture, the colour, “it’s too difficult to manage” or simply because “it’s too ‘black’”. And we always hear how beautiful it is when it’s straight or relaxed. At the workplace, in schools etc. That the black natural state of hair is “unprofessional”.


Weirdly enough, we hear that a lot from other black women too. Take the black girls of Pretoria Girls’ High who were told they needed to “fix” and chemically straighten their hair to the point where they had to protest for their hair, to keep their hair natural. At what point do little girls have to cry and protest for their hair? And to that I ask, where were the black female teachers? The notion of conformity and making society comfortable and happy has been thrown into the world and made to seem normal. But we so often forget that we, too, are society. I’m society and you are society. So, since you and I, black child, are society too, why not then not make ourselves comfortable? Made ourselves happy?

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In The Spirit of Simplicity – A Natural Look

Hey dolls

So its back to school season. 2nd year, 1st semester. And I must say I’m really excited about it. Making new friends, seeing old ones. Frat parties. College drama. Assignments. Long days. Late nights. Okay, maybe I’m not so excited anymore.

What I am excited about though, is tuning into my college make up creations. I won’t lie, this past December was a hectic one. A really glamorous one. I had my face all bronzed up on the 16th, opted for a bold and bright lip on the 25th and topped it up with a smokey eye on New Years Eve. So I guess its safe to say, I’m ready for a more natural look this season. A clean, nudey look.


• Start by creating a flawless base with moisturizing cream. My favourite: Johnson’s Face Care Oil Control Facial Cream. It controls and contains shine and keeps my skin looking and feeling healthy.

• Then apply a lightweight foundation. My favourite: Signature Liquid Make Up Perfect Finish Foundation. I looove it. I definitely never end up with any creases or cracks when I use this baby

• Brighten up your complexion with a glowing blush. My favourite: Clinique Limited Edition 3 in 1 Palette. It has 10 eyeshadows, 2 beautiful glittery glow blushes and 10 lipstick palettes. WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR?

• Opt for an illuminating eyeshadow and lengthen your lashes with a mascara that doesn’t clump up your lashes.

• Lastly revive your lips with a lip cream. My favorite will FOREVER be Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Oh! And finish it off with a neutral matte nude lipstick.

A natural look is definitely a slayage on its own.



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Face Mask: Turmeric Perfection

Hey Dolls.

Season change does the absolute most to my skin to be honest. I hate it. My skin breaks out, I get dark circles and sometimes blackheads. I HATE IT *cringes*. And I know a lot of you ladies can relate, don’t be shy. And like every girl I search and search for a fix because I NEED TO GLOW, especially since its Spring in South Africa. So I need to have that spring body and FACE!!!

As you all know, I am a face mask addict! And as always I needed to find a face mask fix and I DID! You are going to L.O.V.E this one.

Like my usual face mask magic  DIYs, there’s honey. Personally I feel honey has ALL answers. It can fix just about anything. This time around we’re adding some spice, literally. I like to call this one, ‘Turmeric Perfection’. It’ll add that extra glow every woman wants and needs, helps with acne, eczema and dark circles. All you need is:

1 teaspoon of Turmeric

1 teaspoon of Raw Organic Honey

1 teaspoon of milk/plain yogurt

Put the Turmeric into a small bowl. Add the Raw Organic Honey (make absolute sure that its Raw Organic Honey) to the turmeric. You can add milk or plain yoghurt. Either or. Mix everything together. You can adjust the thickness of the paste by the amount of milk/yoghurt you put into it. Turmeric stains quite a lot so its advisable that your paste is thick enough not to drip off your face.

Before applying, remove all make up and rinse face with warm water and dry. Then apply!

This face mask is amazing because Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and a great antioxidant, the honey is great for the skin and its also an anti-bacterial, and the milk exfoliates your skin.

See why its called a Turmeric Perfection!!!

I love you for reading.



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Best Concealers Ever: Thank Me Later

Hey dolls! Hope you’re keeping well and swell! I’m great. I’m fantastic! And I’m having a week of fun with different kinds of cosmetics and with the following edition posts I will be sharing my experience and which products i love from my favorite make up lines. So, concealers first! Let’s go!


Nars baby! What’s not to love about Nars cosmetics? They’re amazing. The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is PERFECT. Its amazing for evenings out with the girls and even dinners dates. IT DOESN’T CREASE. Thank God! It removes all the dark marks, blemishes and circles under the eyes. Its my favorite.


Another fan favorite and one of the best in the business of cosmetics is, Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener. You and I both know that Bobbi Brown never disappoints. And I can, with confident, say that its worth every penny. Plus its really inexpensive. Check it out!


Mac! Mac! Mac! Their brand name, alone, compatures everyone’s attention so now that there’s the Mac Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer every girl is gonna fall in love with Mac all over again. Its water resistant and fragrance free. I love the fact that it comes in a range of shade. So perfect? I believe so.

My top 3 Favourites, so go ahead, try them. Leave your comments on what you think, whether you’ve tried something similar and let’s have an open dialogue on beauty, face care and concealers… Tell your friends and family. Share and like.

Let’s do this ladies. Stay beaaaat!

Peace and love ♡


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Im In Love With The Coco

Hey dolls. Hope you’ve been keeping well and keeping sexy. Its been a long while. A dreadful while but I’ve got LOTS to update you on so… Let’s go!

So, every winter (PS: its autumn in South Africa but my body’s reacting like its winter. Ugh), I always get the rash. Hate it. And if you know me well, you’d know that I absolutely love my skin and I’m a huge lover of homemade creams and lotions cause a girl’s gotta ball on a budget boo. Ain’t nobody got time for all of that hefty spending.

So I’ve been on the look out for amazing body creams and lotion, and you know me, I TRUST, coconut oil with a burning passion.


So BOOM BANG POOF! I found the perfect, yet VERY SIMPLE body care regime.

Coconut E Lotion!!!

You simply mix EXTRA VIRGIN coconut oil with vitamin E (a few capsules), use a mixer to blend them perfecting together and POW! you’ve got an amazing, smooth and creamy skin oil. I must warn you though, its quite greasy, so if you wanna make it a little thicker, experts say beeswax is absolutely perfect.

So go ahead, try it. Leave your comments on what you think, whether it worked for you or not, whether you’ve tried something similar and let’s have an open dialogue on beauty, loving your skin and creams. Tell your friends and family. Share and like.

Let’s do this ladies !!

Peace and love ♡


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Beauty Tips For Us Lazy Girls

Hey Dolls! It’s been a minute and I feel this post is only right. Listen, I’m a lazy girl. No, don’t get me wrong, I’m not proud of it nor do I approve it but, us lazy girls, we are who we are and we have to stick together.
It’s such a hack when it comes to high maintenance beauty products and processes. I’m so embarrassed to say this but I’ve, only recently, started removing my make up before going to bed. Normally, I’d just leave it on and go to bed just like that. I would wake up with foundation powder marks on my pillow, my face would wrinkle up, my face cloth would be filled with mascara and liquid eyeliner marks all the time. It was really bad guys. Sooo, I decided, since I’m not the only one, why not sure how I got over my self-inflicted beauty hack…

1. Wet Wipes Right Next Door
Have wet wipes set up next to your bed so when you decide to go to bed, they’re staring at you right in the face, that you have no choice but to remove your make up.

2. Do Your Hair Dos the Night Before
Washing, blowdrying, curling and styling your hair in the morning is a hack. So why not wash and blowdry it the night before so that you have minimal hacks in the morning. This saves you time and energy.

3. A Real Towel
Can we all stop using those Egyptian pretty towels to dry our hair because it just doesn’t work. Use a normal towel. Absorbent microfiber kind of towels, that dry everything up and soaks up all the wetness, making for an easier blowdrying session.

4. Brush Your Lips
A couple of days ago, a friend mine told me that exfoliating your with your toothbrush during/after you brush your lips makes them a lot soft and destroys all those chaps. (Mani Mhlahlo)

Nothing picks your face up more like highlighter. It gives your cheekbones that EXTRA lift and shimmer.

6. Extra Exfoliate
For extra glow and shimmery skin (that after sex glow), exfoliate your body with olive oil and brown sugar after bathing before you go to bed