Daily Rituals

I’ve recently discovered how awful I’ve become, habit wise, and having that push for a more productive upbeat day than the previous one is lacking. My fatigue has been affecting my mornings and nights in such a weird way. I don’t like having early morning but also, hate late nights. Which is so weird for … Continue reading Daily Rituals


My New Skincare Regime

My skin goes through a lot, especially my face. Anything and everything affects it from the sun to stress to just me randomly testing make up products at the store. I learnt the hard way to never just test out make up products at the beauty department. I need to stick to the ones I … Continue reading My New Skincare Regime

Going Natural and the Qualms that Come with It

The “chop chop” “snip snip” moment is a big one for many black women especially if you’re transitioning from relaxed hair to growing a natural afro. Firstly, it’s a big responsibility to take on because let’s be honest, growing a natural afro is a hassle, time consuming and sometimes a bit costly. Secondly, you need … Continue reading Going Natural and the Qualms that Come with It

In The Spirit of Simplicity – A Natural Look

Hey dolls So its back to school season. 2nd year, 1st semester. And I must say I'm really excited about it. Making new friends, seeing old ones. Frat parties. College drama. Assignments. Long days. Late nights. Okay, maybe I'm not so excited anymore. What I am excited about though, is tuning into my college make … Continue reading In The Spirit of Simplicity – A Natural Look